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1930 N Miami Av. Miami, FL 33136


+1(786) 703-2601

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We welcome athletes from other CrossFit affiliates to drop in to class.


1 Day Drop In = US$25
2 Days Drop In = US$45
3 Days Drop In = US$60
4 Days Drop In = US$75
5 Days Drop In = US$90

Drop In + T-Shirt = 40


We do not require advance registration for our classes, feel free to come to any of the CrossFit classes on our schedule!




Is there showers? Yes we have showers and changing room facilities on site

Do I need to book in? No, please just turn up to any of the CrossFit classes on our schedule

Do I need CrossFit experience? We require you are member of another CrossFit affiliate.

Do you offer Open Gym for my own programming? Yes, you can come and work on your own at any time the box is open.



Any further queries contact info@crossfityellowfalcon.com



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