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Nutrition & Lifestyle - 1 on 1 coaching



Do I have to do more than one month?


No, you will never be required to do more than the month that you paid for. Depending on your goals , some goals will not see fruition within a months time. Most of our clients stay on for months and years at a time once they see the benefits and start reaching their goals.  Also life is dynamic, at times your goals will change and we are here to help.


What happens if I miss a few months ?


Typically missing a month may not throw everything off, however take into account that the body does go through changes- and reassessment must be done,  in order to gather data and track future progress.  The most important part is to stay positive, this is not a sprint, its an endurance race.


Should I use supplements?


Supplementation is always welcomed, but should not replace a solid foundation in good dietary habits. They should never be used as a replacement.


Do you do offer individual workouts?


Yes, I do offer program design that can aid your goals. We can discuss this in person. This would be a separate fee.


First Month


The first month of nutrition / lifestyle starts with a 1 on 1 consultation where you and the lifestyle coach sit down and find your essence (1 hour.)  The purpose of this meeting is to find out your goals and priorities.  We believe that a good lifestyle begins by molding changes to your life not the other way around. We begin with small changes in your current habits, that will eventually lead to big results long term. No more templates of rules that force you into a mold. We strive for longevity. We don't want the typical cycle of finishing a “diet” plan, only to rebound back to your previous state once its completed. We want to help you establish life changing habits that will last a lifetime.


  • First week we analyze your daily intake of foods, recovery and fitness levels. There are no right or wrong answers. We are looking at your life and seeing how you operate. You are in constant communication with your coach on a multiple time a day basis. At the end of this week we meet (30mins) in order to set up goals for week two.


  • Second week we track and analyze data according to the changes that we have made. You will continue to be in daily communication with your coach. At the end of the week you will have a brief meeting (15 mins). Here we will discuss your progress and set new goals for the third week.


  • Week 3 and 4 we continue to analyze and gather data to optimize your results. Our weekly check in will come down to about 10 mins at the end of the week. You will continue to have daily check ins.



Second Month


We believe in charging for only the service that you use. Since most of the heavy lifting has been completed in the first month, the subsequent months are less intense and provided at a discounted rate.


The middle of the second month is usually when you see the most changes, although it may not be apparent to yourself. The reason behind this is that you are now about a month deep into consistent change. Your body will now start to respond to the hormonal responses that you have been creating from the month earlier. It’s like starting a new workout, at first you become fatigued and sore quickly. Yet as the days progress your body starts gaining resistance and becomes stronger. Until the day comes where you can do the same amount of work or more without feeling as fatigued.


You will have access to your coach daily and have one meeting at the end of the week (10 min). You will reinforce the changes made and add or delete anything that is not working . At the end of the second month we will re-assess.



Third Month


You will have access to your coach- in order to tweak minutia of your lifestyle changes. However emphasis (if you choose to) on self reliance will be discussed. Where to get information and how to track your progress so that you can continue to hit your goals.  The last three months we have been trying to restart your hormones so that they can work optimally. Now we want to sustain hormone production and balance. Hormones effects are noticed in later weeks, so this is why when we start “ Diets” we don't see immediate changes.  Here we monitor how your body is adjusting over all to your recovery and nutrition. Goals are discussed and reevaluated.



Four Month and on.



You have access to your coach and weekly meetings may be prolonged to every other week.

If you choose to take the guess work out or simply like being held accountable to someone we can continue as in the third month. Every 6-8 weeks we will reassess your body through measurements. The time that you choose to stay is depended on your goals (and finances). Some goals require more time than others, or sometimes your body responds subtle or rapidly to changes.  However, consistency still reigns. Although you have had roughly 3 months of changes (a great start! ), It doesn't compare to how long you have been inconsistent prior to starting. We cant fix years worth of work in a few months, despite what anyone has told you.

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Nutrition & Lifestyle - 1 on 1 coaching

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